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Corndog Dragon Wicks

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More fire doesn't necessarily mean adding weight! Our corndog spokes, sold in a group of 6 or 8, give you a badass fire boost offering you the opportunity for a self induced barbecue, while remaining within the comfortable weight and a reasonable flow time of about 3-4 minutes. 


Spokes are designed to fit any dragon hub that utilizes 8mm thick spokes. 

  • 6x corndog wicks (each corndog spoke weighs 135g)
  • the option to add 2 extra wicks to make 8 total is available although our dragon was designed for 6 wicks for balance and functionality, 8 wicks will not compromise the durability of your dragon however it might not offer optimal weight and comfort.

If you purchase our dragon, the full weight including 6 corndog wicks, threeworlds hubs, and carbon fiber staff is 1.5kg.  

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